The Sea Table designed for Sara Restaurant, with a Caesarstone tabletop and solid ash pedestal










Category: Furniture

Project Year: 2017-2018

Status: Built

Materials: Solid ash, Caesarstone

Photo Credit: Kurtis Chen


Just as the space of Sara was, the custom dining tables designed for the restaurant were also inspired by the forms and sense of the shoreline. The sculpted modular design allows for different spatial configurations depending on the number of diners, and most importantly — like the food that will be served on them — they were designed with sharing and connection in mind. By providing a hidden cell phone compartment hollowed out of the table base and accessed through a removable inlay in the top, the tables encourage guests to relinquish their cell phones and dine without distraction.

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The voluptuous underside of the table was carved to give enough volume to hold several cellphones inside
Each tabletop features a removable inlay flush-mounted in the tabletop, revealing a hidden compartment to stow away cellphones for the duration of the meal
The tables have contoured edges to fit together like a puzzle in a variety of configurations around the restaurant